Spring 2017
Spring 2017!

We’re releasing half a dozen new products  first quarter 2017 with more set to drop all year. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified of how we’re going to help you make short work of the big jobs this year. Click HERE

One of Don's earlier constructions
Don Varner Design

Don is the founder of One Pass Water Blade and is somewhat of a fixture in the Hot Rod world. Whether or not you recognize the name, you’re sure to enjoy these galleries of Don’s rich and diverse Hot Rod history.  Click HERE.

The Original 12
The Original Water Blade

When we released the first Water Blade in 1996, it was called the Original California Water Blade… now it’s simply Original Water Blade and there’s a lot more going on around here. Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions, please give us a shout.

News & Info
10,000 Uses #14

Week 14: Spiff up the spawn

Welcome to week 14’s time saving tip and entry in the epic 10,000 Uses for Waterblade…

10,000 Uses #13

Lucky Week 13: High Chair Hyjinks

10,000 Uses for Waterblades Home Edition

It’s Thursday night and you know wh…

10,000 Uses #12

Week 12: The F150 Tax Write Off

This 10,000 Uses for Waterblades is devoted to your 2017 tax preparation. We’ll ex…