10,000 Uses #10

Week 10: A Tremendous Bummer

10,000 Uses: Big Bummer

This week’s tip hits way too close to home but we couldn’t pass up a unique opportunity for this creative update to our epic 10,000 Uses for Waterblades list. We are THAT dedicated!

Let’s say you’re driving down the road in your beautiful 1961 Ford Falcon… enjoying the drive and reasonably content with the world in a way that only driving a classic car will make you feel. Then some wretched numbskull rips out of their driveway without ever even looking in your direction (who the hell does that?!)  Now your beloved Falcon is puking oil into the road while the radiator expels coolant like it ate too much Taco Bell the night before. The leaching life blood of your dear classic mixes with the shards of broken headlight and your own shattered dreams.

May as well bust out your new One Pass Floor Blade or Shop Blade and gather up the effluent and debris in a jiffy. You are now so impressed by how well it works, that it lifts your spirits and the sorrow melts away like a bad dream… or maybe it works really well, but you’re still mad and want to beat the numbskull over the head with it. You’re not that kind of person though so you don’t. Violence is wrong. Even if restraint is defeating natural selection.

Now the tears … what do we use to dry our tears?!

Shameless Product Plug: The Floor Blade and Shop Blade both work terrific for cleaning up all sorts of messes and debris on almost any surface. The silicone blade resists virtually all types of lubricants and coolants so they’re great for the shop environment.

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PS. All drivers were relatively unharmed. Jack (our beloved 1961 Falcon), not so much.

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