10,000 Uses #12

Week 12: The F150 Tax Write Off

Ford F150 Pickup

This 10,000 Uses for Waterblades is devoted to your 2017 tax preparation. We’ll explain in a moment.

Example: Let’s say you ran out and got yourself a brand spankin’ new Ford F150 because you fell in love with it and have no self control. It’s a goodly sized vehicle well suited to your stature and you plan on taking extra good care of her. She’s so pretty… *sigh*

We’ve found the Shop Blade to be a near perfect fit. The built in handle let’s you reach to the center of the pristine hood, windshield and roof without having to bust out a ladder or extension pole. It also has our patented Y-Blade edge that works so well on those body details while it is totally safe for that gorgeous paint. Ooooo… so pretty… *sigh*

By now you’re probably thinking, “But Chuck… I can’t afford a new truck and what’s all this about Tax Write Offs anyway?” Here’s the skinny:

  1. Photograph your beautiful new truck for your website a few times to demo your products. Now you can write it off as a marketing expense and keep a few extra Duckets in your pocket at the end of the year.*
  2. Interns! You can practically pay them in pizza and cheeseburgers and therefore keep even more Benjamins in your pocket. Just don’t have one of those scurrilous interns around your house when your daughter is home… you don’t want them getting any ideas.

Now that you’ve got some greenbacks burning a hole in your pocket, get out there and pick out your new truck!

Not that we would try to duck out on our fair share of income tax *snicker*, but if I were going to buy a 2017 Ford F150 4×2 Supercab with a 3.5 Ecoboost in Magnetic paint with the 302A Sport Package, I would name her Lady Liberty.   Just sayin’.

Shameless Product Plug: The Shop Blade was initially designed for the industrial environment (thus the name), but it’s 100% medical grade silicone blade makes it perfectly safe for your fresh paint job. The extra reach makes is super handy for larger vehicles.

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*We’re not tax lawyers, but I know this guy who’s cousin says his step father’s brother is a CPA and he said this should fly. We’ll let you figure it out with Uncle Sam.

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