10,000 Uses #15

Week 15: Christmas Tree Tinkles

10,000 Uses for Waterblades #15

As if the holiday season wasn’t already two parts insanity dissolved in three parts mayhem… now the dang Christmas tree stand is leaking?!

Treacherous Taunenbaum!

You’d better get the water up quick before the Pergo starts to swell! Grab any One Pass Waterblade to make short work of collecting the drips into your handy-dandy dustpan. Finish up with just a paper towel or two and you’ll be back in the Christmas spirit lickety split.

Now, are you going to de-dress the festive foliage so you can fix this debacle with Christmas nary a week away? Heaven’s No! Just follow this handy time saving tip:

  1. Put down some plastic. A garbage bag will do fine.
  2. Take one of the magazines you were using to level the tree stand (admit it, you do this) and place it under the drip and on top of the plastic.
  3. The magazine will absorb whatever may trickle out over the next couple days and stop it from running off the plastic.
  4. Simply disguise this redneck fix with a tree skirt and partake of a Toddy to celebrate your job well done.

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