10,000 Uses #16

Week 16: Reckless Reveling

Happy New Year!

It’s the holidays and you finally managed to organize a getting together of your family for a nice dinner. It’s just about eating time which also means time for your pre-serving ‘toast’. You elect to open the bottle not knowing it had been jostled in transport. At the “pop” foam flies vigorously, evenly coating the hardwood floor bubbly.

You don’t even worry because you keep a Floor Blade in the closet. Combined with a liquid effective dustpan and you’re good to go! You’re able to make short work of the mess and the floor no longer resembles a sparkling lake.

Dinner is saved, and you didn’t even need a mop.

Shameless Plug: Find the Floor Blade HERE. It’s like a wet-vac without the vac!

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