10,000 Uses #17

Week 17: Auto Effluent

10,000 Uses: Auto Effluent

As an auto Do-It-Yourselfer, you take it upon yourself to replace the motor in your car and save some of your favorite dollars for things like food and shelter. You had everything you need (after  five or six trips to the parts store) and get the job done in record time. Well done!

Time comes to close up shop and with that comes facing the puddles of various fluids that dripped onto the floor of your workspace. Since you’re a forward thinker you saw this as a perfect opportunity to use your handy dandy Waterblade. Good thinking!

Combined with a dustpan and very little effort the oil and coolant is picked up in no time and now you don’t have a banana peel lurking for the next time you walk through your garage!

Bonus tip: Clean up your Waterblade afterward with just about any degreaser. We’ll sometimes kill two birds with one stone and use hand cleaner while we’re taking care of our greasy mitts. Shout out to Goop!

Shameless Plug: Just about any Waterblade will do the trick for messy spills in the garage. We keep a Handi-Blade on the workbench and a Floor Blade in the corner for just such an emergency.

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