10,000 Uses #2

10,000 Uses #2

It seems fitting that we continue our epic 10,000 Uses journey with another Water Blade fan submission. After all, it’s the easiest way and we’ve got to pace ourselves creatively. 192 years is going to be a very long haul.

For the history books, our second weekly entry comes from Matt in the Land-o-Cheese who writes, “I live in Wisconsin and have been using my Waterblade for years to remove snow from my vehicle. It is way easier than a brush and I don’t worry about it scratching the paint. It cuts the time it takes to clean off the car in half & it gets almost all of it in a single pass unlike brushes. Thanks for making winter a little more bearable!”

Thanks for the tip Matt! We’d like to remind everyone to only do this when you know your vehicle is clean under the snow and there is nothing abrasive stuck on your paint.

Shameless Product Plug: We think the best model for this application would be either our Classic 12″ or Classic 18″ T-bar models depending on the size of your vehicle.

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