10,000 Uses #20

Week 20: Tidy Tubs

10,000 Uses: Tidy Tubs

While we’re marveling at our own ability to actually follow through all the way to week 20, it seems only fitting that we slough it off on someone else again this week. Thanks to our pal Harry at Harry’s Auto Signs for the submission. Take it away boi…

“Making short work of wet truck.”

“Second one’s a little sexier… got my ass in the shot.”

“Blade is killer on the big tubs.”

We should mention he does a lot of old school hand lettering, striping, gold leaf and the most miraculous wood grain we’ve ever seen… often on large trucks. Harry is as funny as he is talented (that’s a lot), so you may want to give him a follow on Instagram and Facebook.

Harry also has really good taste in cleaning tools like the Floorblade he’s using in the pic (Shameless product plug).

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