10,000 Uses #3

10,000 Uses #3

This recommendation comes from our very own Alex Ortega (aka “Food Fight”) who says Waterblades are perfect for sanitizing Class Room Desks. This makes a lot of sense, read on!

Food Fight is a college boy so he’s likely seen more than a few hung-over young scholars nodding off and drooling on the desk. I’m no germaphobe, but that’d be enough to convince me to wear a Purell saturated unitard to school. This got me to thinking.

Your pal Chuck has raised three primates and as any parent will tell you, it’s no walk in the park. Certainly worthy of more discussion than this post allows. In my own experience, no matter what you’ve witnessed as a parent, we can all agree that children are grubby little nose pickers and living with them is like swimming in an eyebrow deep petri dish.

OK, ok… Maybe not YOUR sterile little angel, but those other ones certainly are gross. Am I right?

Anyway, flu season is nearly upon us and with that comes the need to keep things as clean as possible. Do this: Spray a light misting of an antibacterial cleaner on your desks. Let it sit and do its thing for a little bit. Now use a Waterblade on the surface of the desk to make it virtually dry in an instant. This also serves to disperse the de-boogering agent into the fine pores of the desktop surface.

Brilliant!  You’ve got one less way for folks to spread their plague and you’re not stuck holding an icky, potentially germ ridden, towel in the process. You might make it though this season unscathed!

Shameless Product Plug: We think the best model for this application would be our new Gel Blade. This model is 100% silicone so it won’t harbor bacteria and it’s easy to keep sanitary. Heck, you might even be able to throw it in your autoclave for sterilization.*

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*Honestly we don’t know how hot an autoclave gets… perhaps someone should look that up. I do know our silicone Gelblade can tolerate over 400 degrees, so there’s that.

Feature image stolen off the internet and we don’t know who to give credit to. Sorry.

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