10,000 Uses #4

Sooner or later we had to address the painfully obvious uses in this list. Considering the Waterblade was originally invented by Don Varner in the 90’s specifically for use on cars, this makes week #4 a little weak  in the creativity department (see what we did there?). To make up for said lack of creativity, we pilfered a cute video from DriveTribe for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

10,000 uses #4: Waterblades are great for quickly and safely removing rinse water off your car. Safe for all paints and clear coats. Our silicone blade has 15 times less friction than a terrycloth drying towel!

Shameless Product Plug: We offer a wide variety of styles depending on the size and shape of your ride. Use our Classic 14″ Y-blade or Classic 12″ T-bar for maximum versatility.

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