The Official 10k List

Shedding PetsWe are proud to present our growing list of 10,000 handy uses for Water Blades. Updated weekly until the year 2209! Submit your unique use and you may win our monthly bribe…  *ahem*  Prize!

  1. One of my all time favorite submissions came in a couple years back from surf photographer Matt Catalano who uses a One Pass water blade to clear his lens of droplets as he comes up from ducking those monster Hawaiian swells. We’re happy to help him capture the action. View Matt’s image HERE or follow him on Instagram for his latest!
  2. Matt from the Land-o-Cheese writes, “I live in Wisconsin and have been using my Waterblade for years to remove snow from my vehicle. It is way easier than a brush and I don’t worry about it scratching the paint. It cuts the time it takes to clean off the car in half & it gets almost all of it in a single pass unlike brushes. Thanks for making winter a little more bearable!
  3. Our boy Food Fight opines the Waterblade is excellent for sanitizing desks in the classroom. A little anti-bacterial spray and a quick ‘blading helps to keep things clean and leaves one less way for kids (and young adults) to spread germs. With Flu season coming, this just may save your bacon. Read the deets HERE.
  4. Captain Obvious recommends using a One Pass Waterblade on your car after you give it a nice bath. Safe for all paints and clearcoat with 15 times less friction that a terrycloth towel. To make up for this less-than-creative suggestion, we included a really cute video from DriveTribe. Check it out HERE.
  5. This week we did a little thinking outside the (litter) box.. Use the silicone waterblade to grab up shed pet hair on your carpet and upholstery. Pulls it together into a nice easy to pick up clump. Fast and painless. Give it a try!
  6. TSOP-CUT suggests the Horse & Livestock Body Blade is perfect for getting water, sweat and debris quickly off your horse. Guess we’re going back to picking up the obvious ones this week. Got a better idea? Submit yours below and you may even win some free stuff! At the very least, you will be carving your initials in the history books if your suggestion makes our 192 year list of Waterblade uses. Epic.

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