10,000 Uses for Waterblades

In the year 2209 the world will be watching as our children’s children’s children (or perhaps a half-mad, self-aware network of computers) fulfills our promise to bring the 10,000th weekly installment of 10,000 Uses for Waterblades!

Since Chuck will likely run out of ideas in short order, it leaves YOU a Golden Opportunity to be a part of living history and perhaps win a little swag in the process. We want to hear how our Waterblade made your life easier, more interesting or downright fun. Click the email link below to submit your addition to this epic undertaking.  We’ll even bribe you to do it!


  1. Our esteemed judges will choose a submission monthly and award a prize. What prize you ask? We don’t know yet, but it’ll be great and… well, Free Stuff!
  2. We welcome funny, unique & bizarre submissions, but may choose to omit those we deem offensive. No PC police, just our own twisted judgement.
  3. We’ll overlook SOME actual facts in the interest of entertainment and the occasional snorting LOL with one caveat, It has to be plausible. For example, we have every reason to believe a Waterblade COULD be used to remove alien saliva from a space suit.
  4. True stories get extra points. We don’t actually use a point system, but… it’ll carry some weight.
  5. You will need to keep in touch to find out if you won. Check our News Page, Subscribe or follow us on any of the social media at the top of the page. This is how we will be announcing our monthly winner.

View: The Official 10,000 Uses List

Submissions: chuck@waterblade.com

We will gladly accept your list additions via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest as well!  Links are at the top of this page.