Hashtag Old Guys

Hashtag Old Guys

# Hashtag Indeed!

Are we really the only ones that recognize a “Pound” sign? I suppose you could make a good argument for “Number Symbol” as well … heck, if you really want to hang it out there, it’s Tic-Tac-Toe! Why does everyone want to make this so difficult?

It makes us feel a little better that it doesn’t seem to be just us old guys (and gals) that are sometimes mired in a swamp of techno-confusion. The thumbing generation is just as perplexed by our world as we are by theirs. Exhibit A:

Lolz. I just saw this old fone and it had a hashtag button. How stoopid, they didn’t have Instagram back then!

The point? We’re so glad you asked. Here at One Pass World Headquarters in beautiful downtown Hollister we are learning the lingo, tagging the hashes, booking the faces and twitting the… oh, never mind. We finally signed up with Social Media!

True we were probably the last people in North America that didn’t have a Facebook page, but that’s what makes it so exciting! We’re kind of like The Omega Man of Facebook. You know… Charlton Heston?    The Omega Man? Oh for Pete’s sake… Will Smith – I Am Legend? Can we please get back on topic?

Please take a moment to face our book or insta our gram using the handy little social symbols on the right side of the page. We’d really appreciate it. Especially since we probably only have three followers now. It’s a little embarrassing frankly. So how ’bout showing us a little love? We promise to make it worth your while. Or at least try.

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