Floor Blade Wet & Dry – The Broom Re-Invented



  • Easily collect debris and fluids in one pass
  • Silicone blade wipes clean and stands up to chemical, lubricants and many solvents
  • Durable enough for concrete yet safe for paint
  • Quickly dries any surface for safety and cleanliness
  • Patented Y-Blade edge conforms to surface
  • Blade is temperature safe from 180 to +400 degrees
  • Durable nylon chassis in Safety Orange
  • Extending powder coated pole reaches 75 inches

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So versatile and useful it’s a new category of product we call Homedustrial*.

You can tell by it’s rugged and businesslike appearance this was initially designed for the industrial and shop environment. It didn’t take long for our family and friends to figure out how well it works everywhere else too.

Easily collects debris and fluids of all types in one easy pass. No more crying over spilled milk or anything else. Operating like a traditional broom but capable of so much more. Gather up broken glass and the fluid together safely and easily leaving behind a surface that is almost completely dry.

Silicone blade wipes clean and stands up to oil, chemicals, lubricants and most solvents. Perfect for the garage and machine shop to make short work of spilled lubricants and cutting fluids. Great around mills where metal chips and cutting fluids combine. Durable enough to use on concrete, gentle enough for custom paint.

Quickly dries any surface for maximum safety and cleanliness. A must for bars and restaurants where spills can quickly become a liability. Public restrooms? A quick “Sweep” after a mop and the surface is almost instantly dry. Also great for trailers and fun haulers to clean up mud, sand and other debris.

Patented Y-Blade edge conforms to surface irregularities. Removes most fluid and small debris quickly. Silicone blade is safe to extremes of -80 to +400 degrees f.

Durable Safety Orange nylon chassis is built for years of service and mated to an extendable powder coated steel pole that reaches up to 75 inches. Reaches behind heavy machinery

Perfect for: Shops – Bars – Restaurants – Janitorial – Garage – Home – Trailers

*Home – Industrial

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 45 x 8 x 2 in


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