Superflex T-Bar Water Blade


  • Patented T-Bar edge removes over 90% of standing water
  • Flexible Handle Allows Blade to Conform to Almost Any Shape
  • Medical Grade Silicone Blade Won't Scratch
  • 15 Times Less Friction than Terrycloth Towels
  • Virtually Eliminates Messy Towels and Chamois'

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The latest and most versatile incarnation of the Waterblade!

Featuring a twelve inch long silicone blade with our patented T-bar edge just like the Classic, but this one has a flexible handle so it can conform to virtually any body curve. Our go-to model for pretty much all of our car wash sessions. Features a soft, medical grade silicone blade just like all of our products. Guaranteed not to scratch because it has fifteen times less friction than a terrycloth towel. This is the right way to dry your car after a fresh wash and rinse.

Removes over 90% of the standing water in one quarter of the time. With a waterblade and a good microfiber towel for touch up, your car will be spot free in no time. Superflex is perfect for classic cars that have lots of curved surfaces… like that 1940 Ford our founder Don Varner built a few years back. Naturally it works equally well on flat surfaces like truck sides and SUVs too. Don’s 1940 Ford not included.

Soft over-molded handle provides a comfortable grip so you could use it all day if you wanted. This also makes it extremely durable so if you’re running a car wash, it’s the one you want for your crew.

More Uses: Painters love the waterblade for quick evaluation of the surface they’ve been wet sanding. In order to make sure you’ve worked out all the orange peel, you need a dry surface. So a quick rinse with a squirt bottle, blade it off and in about 10 seconds you have a perfectly dry surface to evaluate.

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Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 9 x 1 in
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