Water Blade Wet Sanding Kit


  • Save Time – Work Faster & Smarter
  • Quickly flash dry work area for evaluation in seconds
  • Safe on all surfaces, 15 Times less friction than towels
  • Flexible silicone T-bar blades mold to any contour
  • Wet Sanding kit includes two blades for all purposes

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A real time saver for when you’re wet sanding and need to evaluate the surface to move on. Just run the waterblade over the wet area and within seconds, the surface will flash dry and allow you to assure all the orange peel is sanded out. A great time saver which means you get more done in less time and that means money in your pocket.

Likewise there’s no wet or messy towels to deal with! Check out the images above and notice how the area behind our patented T-Bar blade is already completely dry. Just a couple of seconds! No heat, no paper towels, no blowing on it… just a quick wipe and move on down the road.

Painter kit comes as a two blade pack:

1. Our 5″ Handi Blade has a tall profile and small width so it molds easily to tight contours and small components. Great on motorcycle parts.

2. Our 11″ Soft-n-Dry blade covers twice the area in one swoop and is perfect for doors, fenders and larger areas. Silicone blades will last for years and won’t scratch any surface.

Just be sure you keep them free of any grit or debris. From the inventor of the Original Water Blade for auto detailing. Proudly made in the USA.

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Dimensions 12 x 9 x 1 in
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