We Call it The OP Wave

We Call it The OP Wave
One Pass Wave

The One Pass Wave

This brilliant image was captured by our new pal Matt Catalano. Not sure if he sent us this one because it bears a striking resemblance to the wave graphic used in our logo or if it was purely coincidence. Regardless, we liked it and thought we’d share. Besides, can you think of a better way to spend a Winter afternoon than daydream about Hawaii?

-Feb02-mattpaulcatalano-2549-2bSo if you’re wondering just what the One Pass Water Blade has to do with surfing, it’s all about what you DON’T see in these images. Give up? The answer is water spots! More accurately water droplets obscuring the camera lens while he’s shooting. This crystal clear view out the front of the camera housing comes courtesy of the patented One Pass silicone waterblade.

mattpaulcatalano--February02-2357-1bJust one Water Blade versus the Pacific ocean… not bad eh? Thanks much to Matt for the outstanding pics and for thinking outside the box. Who knows, maybe we’ll run with it and turn this into “a thing”.

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