Y-Blade Design

When you’ve invented the Gold Standard, it’s hard to come up with the next best thing!

Y-Blade end view

Y-Blade end view

But that is exactly what we’ve done with the new Y-Blade Water Blade design. Currently available in 14″  and 18″ Classic models. Great for mid to large size vehicles and a variety of applications like solar panels and windows.

The Y design allows the blade to flip itself over easily without changing the angle of the handle so that makes it perfect for use on an extension pole because you can change directions easily.

The Y-Blade also uses a lower durometer silicone which means it’s a little “softer”. This allows the Y-Blade to conform over smaller irregularities like rivet heads and the window trim on RVs. The Y arms snap back quick leaving a minimum of moisture behind.

In addition, the less acute angles of the Y arms don’t snag in body seams or gaps which can sometimes happen with the T-Bar.

In short, it’s all the performance you came to expect from the One Pass Water Blade with a little refinement! Available now in our shopping section.